52 Bullets

My body feels a stone heavier

No its not the emotion filled heart of losing my love

Nor is it the grieve which has filled my heart

Its the 52 bullets which has torn me apart

Fallen Soldier, martyr Poem

But i will not stop

I will not look back

I will move , but Only Ahead

with Victory in sight

I dared death to spare me more life

Because this is what i have lived for

A man i was born

But martyr i will die

With death in front

I opened my arm and greeted her home

My time has come, and i will be a bygone

I dont want the medals

I dont want the Pension

I want to be remembered

as a brave person

I lay in a pool of blood

Muslim’s, Hindu’s, Sikh’s whose i cannot tell

But of a soldier is what i can smell

Some falling to protect

Some protecting the fallen

the camaraderie is what we shared

We were the soldiers, even death we dared.

This Military Poem has been contributed by Anand Vikram Singh
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