Fauji Brat is a Feeling only Special People Experience….

  1. You can take a fauji brat out of fauj, but you can’t take the fauj out of the brat.
  2. You know you are a true and “PROUD” fauji brat if your friends at school ask you “Does your dad sleep with a gun under his pillow?” and you go like “Yeah. An AK-47”
  3. For you, Wellington is not the capital of New Zealand.
  4. We cant stand abuses against our dear Gypsy, Jonga, Shaktiman, Stallion, One-ton, Fauji bullet. Stallion - Gypsy - Jonga - Indian Military
  5. It’s always the uniform with our dad’s ribbons and medals, for the fancy dress competition.
  6. You know you are a Naval Brat when movies like Titanic and Pearl Harbour are banned in House when your dad goes for sailing.
  7. For Us Brats, the dependent ID card is like the ‘FBI’s do whatever and get away card.
  8. Your entire family ( Including the inevitable pet dog!) could survive in one room temporary accommodation with 25 trunks/wooden crates, the shell-based table lamps, lovely artistic drift-wood, a centre table, few ‘peg’ tables and of course-two bhaiyas flitting/hovering around.
  9. You are a fauji brat if you get weird looks from people when you start speaking english outside the cantt.
  10. We all have that one Sharma uncle in our dad’s units. Also one Kumar bhaiya and that aunty who never got tired of serving us hot frams whenever we went to her house.
  11. You are a fauji brat if SHAKTIMAN has two meanings for you…the superhero and the truck.Trunk - Military School Bus India
  12. We remember our dad’s IC number much better than our own roll number.
  13. You are a fauji brat if Quarterguard, RMO. MT, CMP, JAI HIND SAAB, etc are familiar terms and phrases.
  14. You know you are a fauji brat when, you are proud to show off your Army Dependant Card rather than your Driving License.
  15. Every Naval Kid knows Port & Starboard..Anchor away..IMSC..and US Club of course.
  16. Ony defence brats understand that our dads and uncles and bhaiyas talk normally unlike bollywood movies where all officers are shown talking in a marching accent and Are Over-disciplined.Military-Brats-Fauji-brats-Army-brats-army-kids-army-daughters-militayr-daughters
  17. You are a fauji brat if OLD MONK holds a special place in your dad’s cupboard.
  18. You know you are an Air Force Brat if at age six you told your civilian friends while fighting with them, “mere Papa tere upar Bomb ira denge”.
  19. Movies like Border, Lakshya, LOC reminds you of your dad…:)
  20. Within Fauji Culture, the term “Fauji Brat” is not considered to be an insult, but rather connotes affection and respect.
  21. Those MES sofas with the super springy cushions..those small peg tables…those age-old electric fittings..the garage with the boxes..your old trike wrapped in green gauze..the joys of opening the box with your toys..we have all had wonderful times..
  22. The ambiance of your drawing rooms are not enlightened by expensive flower pots or crystal ware but from the Shining MEMENTOS from different corps, Div’s, Brigades and Units
  23. You are a fauji brat if you believe in maroon berets more than Avengers.Army brat can handle anything
  24. You are a fauji brat..if you know towns like MHOW, Wellington, Ahmednagar, Gopalpur etc.
  25. It’s not “faujiyon ke boots”, it’s DMS boots.
  26. You feel proud in explaining to civilians that the “S.M.” post fixed to your dad’s name is not actually the surname but the Gallantry award “Sena Medal”.
  27. You know you are a CRPF brat when generally your friends don’t know about your dad’s department and when on being asked about it you first tell them the name and when it makes no sense to your friends you start explaining all the Chhattisgarh and Naxal issues and don’t forget to add..” It fights more than the Army does..” ::P
  28. Nothing seems more honorable to us than to, one day, be able to remove the word ‘BRAT’ from ‘FAUJI BRAT’ 🙂
  29. You are a fauji brat when your relative says he’s going to a hill station, and you burst out laughing or give him survival tips.
  30. Hate it when someone prefixes MISTER with dad’s name 😛
  31. A true fauji brat thinks that the Gypsy is the best Offroader/SUV and a tank ride, the best desert adventure sport in the world.
  32. For a true defence forces brat, the GENTLEMAN attitude and BAK**ODI go hand in hand.
  33. You know you are a fauji brat when people say that movie tickets are so expensive and you say dude we watch the latest flicks free of cost in open air theatres with awesome ambiance.
  34. You are a fauji brat if your conversations go the military lingo way. FOXTROT BRAVO TANGO OVER.
  35. There are somethings money can’t buy ..For everything else there’s a Canteen Smart Card.
  36. Naval Brats know that those delicious Fish Fingers served in the party are a speciality of the ship’s galley.
  37. You are a fauji brat if you fear the CMP more than the state police.Military Police - Gomilitary.in
  38. Your dad has surely found many chits of extra snacks, soft drinks ( and some cases, beers) on his name.
  39. You are a defence brat if during the National Anthem, your hand directly goes over your heart, instead of just standing still.
  40. Half the people call your dad Colonel and half, Senior Superintendent of Police 😛
  41. We are defence kids and we don’t keep calm.
  42. Ration ke ando ka ban gaya cake..Bournvita mila ke peeye shake pe shake..next week phisr se aaya chicke, doodh, kele aur cheese..all defence brats are khaate peete ghar ke..issi baat pe smile please. 😀
  43. From Microwave to CAR. From toothpaste to Shringaar. Daaru ki bottle chaar..and puri family ke liye updaar. CSD Canteen ki jai!!
  44. You know you are a fauji brat when you indicate the girl in the pub by the clock ray method.
  45. You know that you are a defence kid when the smell of brasso & shoe polish are a regular staple for you.
  46. We, Fauji brats are literally born “FREE”..MH Zindabad, Command Hospital Zindabad, INHS Zindabad..!!
  47. From that awesome New years eve parties to diving in the pool, to making new friends and love blooms, that silence in the cards room and look there bachelors conquering the bar soon, waiting for that tambola to begin that was a bogie call again. Army parties way to go..raise your hands people and say “JAI HO”.
  48. You are a fauji brat if you have played Golf, Pool, Polo and done Horse riding..for what..100 bucks a month. 😛
  49. The word Fauji Brat does not mean a notorious or a troublesome kid. Rather it means. Born Raised and Transferred.
  50. While people go to Paris and New York, we go to Nathula and Khardungla.

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  1. im grown up now and has moved out from my home obviously the cantt for furthur studies but after reading all this i could figure out ……oh shit it’s me my home my dad in each point for the indian army n yap their proud brats


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