Every Year hundreds and thousands of youths appear for the NDA exam to get into the Prestigious National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy . The exam is held twice a year in the months of April and August. As it is said, An Early start is good for cracking any exams, NDA Exam is no Exception. Aspirants can check out the following books for NDA Exam Preparation.

Top Books for National Defence Academy Exams [ NDA – NA Exam ]

1. Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination

This is the best book available in the market for NDA Aspirants. All the topics are covered with Complete explanation of the theory followed by solved examples. You will even find previous year solved questions at the end of every chapter .A thorough study of this book will guarantee success to anyone preparing for this exam. The mathematics portion is very well illustrated and included with solved examples. Utmost care has been taken to get the book free from any errors and the English part is accompanied by a good collection of Proverbs and Vocabulary.

The book has been divided into three sections, with the prominent part of the book dedicated to the subject of Mathematics. The rest of the book features information on English and General Studies. The mathematical section consists of sets and relations along with functions, binary and complex numbers, series and sequences, quadratic equations, binomial theorem, matrix and determinants, logarithms,  trigonometry, and also topics in geometry like triangles, coordinates, circles, cones, and 3D geometry. The aspects of functions, limits, differentiation, derivatives, integration, vector algebra, probability theory, statistics, and area under curves are other topics that are covered in the book. The section on General Studies covers detailed information on Physics, Biology, Geography, Indian Politics, History, Economy, and Chemistry. The English section covers exercises and information that are related to the subject. The book has been specifically tailored, keeping the entrance exam in mind.


2. Chapter wise – Section wise Previous years Questions of Mathematics, English, General Ability NDA/NA with Explanatory solutions

Once you are done with the Pathfinder book, you may move on to this for Practice. Remember , Practice is very essential for any competitive exam. A ton of theory is useless unless it is backed by a lot pf Practice. This book gives a comprehensive list of questions that have been asked in the previous years chapter wise along with the explanatory answers to each of them. A must read for NDA Aspirants.

3. 10 Practice Sets for  NDA/NA

This book contains 10 Practice sets and is recommended for those who want to do practice questions of the same level as that asked in the Examination.

Best Book for NDA & NA Entrance Exam Preparation


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