Indian Defence Services remain as one of the best organised, structured, equipped and disciplined organisation to react to any threat and natural and man made disasters.

In this Post, I will discuss the Equivalent Ranks of the Indian Armed Forces – Army, Air Force and Navy.

At the end of this post you will also find ranks of Indian Navy and their equivalent in the Indian Coast Guard.

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Ranks : Officers

Officer Ranks of the three Services are given below :

– Ranks are listed from top to bottom. During SSB if asked about the equivalent ranks of the Indian Defence Services then you must start from bottom and go on till the top. Eg: Start from Lieutenant.

* represents a 5 Star Rank

  • Admiral of the fleet, never been awarded
  • Field marshal, awarded to Kodandera Madappa Cariappa and Sam Manekshaw
  • Marshal of the Indian Air Force, awarded to Arjan Singh. Arjan Singh is the only living Indian Military officer with a 5 Star Rank.
  • Indian military officers of five-star rank hold their rank for life, and are considered to be serving officers until their deaths.


Air Force 


*Field Marshal *Marshal of the Air Force *Admiral of the fleet
General Air Chief Marshal Admiral
Lt. General Air Marshal Vice Admiral
Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral
Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore
Colonel Group Captain Captain
Lt. Colonel Wing Commander Commander
Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commander
Captain Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant


Ranks : Personnel Below Officers’ Rank ( PBOR )

Although in SSB Interview you are generally asked about the equivalent ranks of the officer cadre only, but If you are a ward of a Personnel below Officer Rank, then you may expect this too.

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Ranks of the PBOR of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy are given below :

– Ranks are listed from top to bottom


Air Force


Subedar/Risaldar Major Master Warrant Officer Master Chief Petty Officer ( First Class )
Subedar/Risaldar Warrant Officer Master Chief Petty Officer ( Second Class )
Naib Subedar/Risaldar Junior Warrant Officer Chief Petty Officer
Lance Havildar/Daffadar Sergeant Petty Officer
Naik Corporal Leading Seaman
Lance Naik Leading Aircraftsman Seaman I
Sepoy Airman Seaman II

Note : Personnel below Officer ranks too are Promoted to Officer ranks , known as Honorary ranks for their exceptional Service.

Equivalent ranks of the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard : 

ICG Ranks Navy Ranks
Director General Vice Admiral  (FOC-in-C’s Scale)
Additional Director General Vice Admiral (HAG scale)
Inspector General Rear Admiral
Deputy Inspector General  (Senior) Commodore
Deputy Inspector General (Junior) Captain
Commandant Captain (with seniority) or Commander
Commandant (Junior Grade) Commander
Deputy Commandant Lt. Commander
Assistant Commandant Lieutenant
Assistant Commandant (Trainee) Sub Lieutenant


  1. Is there only officers in Indian Army, Indian Air force and Indian Navy??? I believe there are more defense personnel in these forces than officers. Are they not worth mention in ranks?? Funny British-raj is still going on in our defense forces !!

    • You are a blind and ignorant man. Check for other ranks given below the officers ranks. If you are stupid..don’t let the world know you are one.

  2. Mr. Antony was talking abt rank symbols.. and Mr. (San) Joy..u look like an xxxhole.. the first name you guys get to call the PBOR is ‘stupid’…may be bcoz your dad is one..

  3. You have done a brilliant job giving this information which civilian public should know. However, in your overenthusiastic loyalty to the Air Force, you have wrongly followed the order of seniority of the three services putting the AirForce ahead of the Navy. The correct order is Army- Navy- AirForce.

  4. I,an old ex-serviceman(Ex-Sgt.) is in the habit of enquiring and refreshing my memory. My submissions may not be correct and up to the mark.

  5. Thanks for Information.Every civilian should know about this valuable information, other wise, don’t call yourself an Indian, because soldiers who do their sincere duty to protect you and your family so that you can have sleep and live in peace.

  6. Who is ‘Officer’ in 3-Armed-Forces Services of IAF/Army/Navy/MNS as Group-A ? Is it Commissioned-Officers or JCO’s/SNCO’s/ Honorary Ranks as Commissioned Group-B , being ‘Junior Commissioned Officer’s as ‘Gazetted -Officer’s? or NCO’s of IAF/Navy ? Why misleading boards are Displayed in CSD -Canteen’s , while the FACT’s being all Retired-Veteran’s are ‘Civilian’ ? In CO-Cadre ‘Officer’s are even Non-Metric/ SSC/HSC and in IAF NCO / SNCO are ‘Graduates as Engineer ‘ since Independence of India ‘ . This way even India-Patriot ‘Soldier’s/ Air-warriors will forever remain Slave’s to fake claim of ‘Officer’s ? Help Live & Let Live even after Retirement a Free & Independent Life !!! Jai-Hind .

  7. My dream Indian Army .. please education and physical fitness knowledge all information tell me .. thanks
    my qualification B.Com. (Hons) from Purnea, Bihar- 854301


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