Being a fauji daughter and knowing many fauji gf so here is what I feel what’s fauji love. 
Fauji love is Waiting for your dad and love of your life to be home safe and sound.

fauji love is Wishing you could celebrate all your b’days and festivals with them and if you couldn’t still we don’t complain rather console ourselves saying may be next time or next year

Fauji love is dialing several telephone exchange numbers before you could actually here their voice.

fauji love is waiting months without complaining to hear their voice even for few seconds.

Fauji love is wearing their dresses and feel happy when they are not around. nt4

Fauji love is planning events for your meet for almost a decade and all of a sudden you get a call “baby m not coming have to go somewhere” and you say “baby its ok. For you your duty comes first”.

Fauji love is when your dad and boyfriend don’t know about any other haircut coz they have same fauji cut through out your life.

Fauji love is adding pink and other colors to their olive green life.

Fauji love is when your soldiers finish off their complete meals within 15 min and you keep ogling at them as you haven’t even started.

Fauji love is when your dad still have all the post cards and letters that you have sent him.

Fauji love is when you know more than 5 languages and have completed your education in more than 3-4 schools coz of dad’s continues postings.

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Fauji love is being called as ma’am by other fauji’s cos you are fauji wife daughter or gf.

Fauji love is when someone ask you about your family and relationship and you proudly say m a fauji’s girl.

Fauji love is when you tell your dad that your boyfriend is a soldier like him and he smiles back to you.

Fauji love is when both the fauji’s meet for the first time they address each other as SIR.

Fauji love is living life what you have seen your mom has already lived and your bond becomes quite strong.

Fauji love is passing on your fauji story to your kids saying beta kyun ki fauji ma kabhi fauji beti bhi thi

Fauji love is living a different and beautiful life called Fauji daughter and a wife

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