This is a Comprehensive list of the Group Discussion topics most frequently Group Discussion topics for SSB-AFSB-NSB-FSB Selection Interviewasked at the various Services Selection Board across India. Unlike Group discussions for other organizations, in SSB Interview a GD is accompanied by 3-4 pointers on which the candidate can speak upon. Go through each one of them and brainstorm and analyse what points will you give if these are asked during your SSB Interview. Do have your reasons and facts ready in support of your views. It’s the quality of your ideas rather than the quantity that matters. Remember that old adage – A single blow of a blacksmith is equal to a hundred blows of a goldsmith. You have to be a blacksmith when it comes to be an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. 🙂

1. How can India attract more tourists ?

  • Facility
  • Security
  • Advertisement

2. Why India is not performing well in Sports ?

  • Lack of Proper Infrastructure
  • Lack of Motivation among players
  • Politicization of Sports

3. Why is Crime Increasing in our Society ? [ Most Important Topic – Asked Frequently ]

  • Ineffective Police
  • Delayed Justice
  • Political Interference

4. What is the Solution to the Indo-Pak Relation ?

  • Political Solution
  • Military Solution
  • Convert LoC to International Border

5. Who is Responsible for Crime against Women ? [ Frequently Asked ]

  • Male dominated Society
  • Western Influence
  • Lack of Awareness

6. Which is the biggest problem our Country is Facing ?

  • Illiteracy
  • Poverty
  • Population

7. How Brain Drain can be stopped ?

  • Making a law
  • Better working condition in India
  • Financial Attraction

8. Whether beauty pageants be encouraged in India ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Mid-way
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9. How can the Criminalization of Politics be reduced ?

  • Public Awareness
  • Strict Rules or Regulations
  • Party should ban tickets to candidates having a criminal background

10. How can rail accidents be avoided?

  • Privatization
  • Modernization
  • Implement Strict Rules and Regulations

11. In Present Nuclear Environment , What should India do ?

  • Go fully nuclear
  • Sign CTBT
  • Maintain Present Policy

12. Which kind of marriage is the best Marriage ?

  • Arranged Marriage
  • Love Marriage
  • Living Together

13. What dress code should the students follow in Colleges ?

  • Proper Dress Code
  • No dress code
  • Any other way

14. To Become a Super-Power what should India do ?

  • Have strong Defence Budget
  • Have strong Economy
  • Scientific and technological development

15. How to overcome shortage of Officers in the Indian Armed Forces ?

  • Increase Quota for Women
  • Increase Departmental Commission
  • Reduce the Standard of SSB

16. Who is responsible for Eve-teasing ?

  • Western Culture
  • Lack Of Values in Society
  • Women Themselves

17. Who should Impart Sex education and at what stage ?

  • Parents
  • School
  • College

18. Who do you think is responsible for corruption in India ?

  • Politicians
  • Bureaucrats
  • Eroding Value system
  • Other Reasons

19. How can the Image of the Police be Improved ?

  • Training
  • Modernisation
  • Having better relations with the public

20. Who Plays the most important role in Child’s Life ?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Friends



  1. Dear sir,
    Usually in GD topics ;we are already given the points/reasons that led to the Qoestion. Shall we always speak in the peri pheri of the given points or can we add some other points ourself????


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