A junior commissioned officer of the air force navy went missing from The Army Command Hospital in Kolkata since May 4. Brajesh Shukla, a junior warrant officer of the IAF, was admitted to the Army Command Hospital for cataract surgery on May 2 and was to be discharged on May 5 but went missing. He was last seen in a footage captured by CCTV camera where he was seen walking out of the hospital in a shirt and a pair of trousers.

IAF officer missing from hospital, FIR lodged and search is on

IAF officer Brajesh Shukla was found missing from a hospital in Kolkata

Mr. Shukla was posted as a junior warrant officer in Jorhat, Assam. He was seen in the CCTV leaving the hospital premises but there was no trace of him after that. He had left his cell phone behind, and nothing suspicious was found in his phone records.

Tarun Shukla, the officer’s son was informed and he arrived on May 6 to find his missing father. He said that there has been no information on his father’s location. The police and the air force are doing their job. A FIR has been reported and it shouldn’t be long before the officer would be found.

The authorities have been on the search.  Government hospitals and Howrah station have been kept under watch. Mr. Brajesh Shukla has not been reported of any previous mental records.

The officer’s family is quite worried about the missing member. The Air Force is treating this as a case of Absence without Notice.