Indian Gallantry Award Winners and War widows - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Awarded Gallantry award but did not received gazette notification or gazette notification lost?


(a) The Awardee may write to the CW-2 section at the following address giving complete details i.e. name of award and year in which it was awarded:-

 Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)

Adjutant General’s Branch
Ceremonial & Welfare Dte/CW-2
South Block, Room No 279C
New Delhi-110011
Tele No. 011/ 23018193

(b) The Gazette Notification can also be obtained from following address:-

(i) Government of India
Department of Publication, Old Secretariat, Civil Lines, Behind Vidhan Sabha
Delhi – 110054
Tele: 011-23813302, 011-23813761, 011-23817640,

(ii) Kitab Mahal
C-5, Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
Near Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi.
Tele : 011-23363708

(c) (website)

Question 2. Are the Gallantry award winners/war, widows/disabled soldiers entitled to any telephone concessions?

Answer. Yes, they are entitled to the following concessions:-

(a) No Installation Charges.
(b) No rental charges for Chakra Series gallantry award Winners.
(c) Fifty per cent concession in normal rental charges for war widows and disabled soldiers.
(d) No registration charges.
(e) Priority under Non-OYT special category for release of telephone concession.

Authorities. Ministry of Communication (Deptt of Telecom) letter No. (a) 2-47/92/PHA dated 13 Jun 2000 (Circular No 7/2000) (b) 2-47/92/PHA dated 18 Sep 2000 (Circular No 15/2000).

Question 3. Received gallantry award but parchment not received?

Answer. Parchment is given only for awards in the Chakra Series. In case it is not received, the MS (X) may be approached at the following address:-

IHQ of MoD (Army)
Military Secretary’s Branch/MS (X)
South Block, New Delhi- 110011
Tele No 011/ 23018161

Question 4. Awarded Sena Medal pre-1999 but not aware whether awarded for gallantry or distinguished service?

Answer. In this respect the MS (X) may be approached because it is the MS (X) that issues the certificate, regarding the nature of award.

Question 5. Medal/Parchment lost/stolen/destroyed by accident?

Answer. In case the medal or parchment is lost/stolen/destroyed, it is advised that a letter along with a copy of FIR be sent to the DMR & F at the following address:-

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Directorate of Military Regulations & Forms
West Block-IV, Wing No 3, RK Puram
New Delhi- 110066

Question 6. Who to contact in case of suspension/stoppage of monetary allowance to widow/Next of Kin or non-receipt of gallantry award?

Answer. In such cases, the individual should approach the CW-2 with full details of the award i.e. name of the award and the year in which awarded. The CW-2 will then accordingly instruct CDA/PCDA, Allahabad. Address of CW-2 is given in Answer 2(a).

Question 7. How to get monetary allowances readjusted, if being paid at older rates?

Answer. In such cases, the individual should approach the CW-2 with details of the award. The CW-2 will take up the case with CDA/PCDA for grant of the same.

Question 8. Whom to contact for duplicate awards and replicas of medals?

Answer. The Directorate of Military Regulations & Forms makes no replicas of any gallantry award. But there is a provision for the issue of duplicate medals, only to the awardee or his Next of Kin only if sanctioned by the Ministry of Defence. For this the widow should first deposit the cost of the medal through a Military Receivable Order into the government treasury. The cost of the medal can be ascertained from the Directorate of Military Regulations & Forms (DMR&F). Then she should submit an application along with a copy of the FIR and the government treasury receipt to:-

The Director,
Directorate of Military Regulations & Forms,
West Block-IV, Wing No 3, RK Puram,
New Delhi- 110066,
Tele: 011-26106225, 011-26108666

Question 9. Whom to contact in respect of the pre-independence award the ‘Jangi Inam’?

Answer. In case the monetary allowance of the Jangi Inam is not being received by the awardee, PCDA (P), Allahabad be approached with the Jangi Inam certificate and the other relevant documents. The same may be forwarded through the CW-2 or directly to PCDA (P).

Question 10. Are the NOK or WARDS of missing / disabled / killed in action soldiers entitled to any educational concessions?


(a) The wards of Missing / disabled / killed in action soldiers are entitled to the following benefits:-

(i) Tuition Fees. Full reimbursement of the tuition fee (capitation fee and caution money not included) levied by the educational institutions concerned (including charges levied for the school bus maintained by the school or actual fares paid for railway pass for students or bus fare as certified by the heads of the institutes).

(ii) Hostel Charges. Full reimbursement of boarding an lodging charges for those studying in boarding schools and colleges.

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(iii) Cost of Books/stationery. Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) per annum per student or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.

(iv) Cost of Uniform, where compulsory. Rs. 1700/- (Rupees one thousand seven hundred only) maximum in the first year and Rs. 700/- (Rupees seven hundred only) for the subsequent years per annum per student, or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.

(v) Clothing. Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) for the first year and Rs 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) for the subsequent years per annum per student, or the amount claimed by the student, whichever is less.

(b) Authority. Government of India, Ministry of Defence Department of ESW D (Res), letter No. No.6-1/2009/Education Concession/II/D (Res) dated 25 October 2010.

(c) Entitlement.

(i) Two eldest surviving children only except when the number of children exceeds two due to second child birth resulting in multiple births.

(ii) The above educational concessions will be available for school going children from 2 classes prior to 1st class up to and inclusive of the First Degree Course.

(iii) If a child fails in a particular class, the concessions shall not be stopped.

Question 11. Are the gallantry award winners entitled to any rail travel concession?

Answer. Yes, following are Rail Travel Concession entitled to Gallantry Awards Winners:-

1. (a) Concession. First class AC-2 Tier complimentary card pass facility is available for awardee and one companion in all Express/Mail trains except the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains.

(b) Entitlement.

(i) The Chakra Gallantry Awardees including widows of such awardees.

(ii) Widows of the Chakra series Gallantry Awardees (posthumous).

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(c) Authorities. Ministry of Railways (Rly Board) letter No E (W) 96PS 5-6/22 dated 23 Feb 96 read in conjunction with letter of even no. dated 04 July, 1996.

2. (a) Concession. Facility to travel by Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express trains.

(b) Entitlement. Awardees and Widow of posthumous awardees of PVC, MVC, VrC and Ashok Chakra including widows of such awardees after their demise.
(c) Authorities. Min of Railways (Railway board) letter No E(W) 2002 PS 5-6/99 dated 25 Feb 2003, No E(W) 2004/PS5-6/55 dt 06 Oct 2004 and No E(W) 2008/PS5-6/8 dt 09 Apr 2008.

3. (a) Concession. 75% concession for travel in 2nd class Mail / Express trains.

(b) Entitlement. War Widows and widows of Defence person killed in action against terrorist and extremists.

(c) Authorities. Letter No TCII/2198/96/Widows/Policy dt 20 August 20044.

(d) Procedure. Complimentary passes are issued by Divisional Railway Manager and HQ Indian Railways on receipt of application which should be accompanied by an attested photocopy of citation. For widows, an attested copy of pension payment order (PPO) and valid photo Identify Card issued by the relevant Zila Sainik Board / Kendriya Sainik Board, are also required to be submitted.

Question 12. Are Gallantry Awards Winners entitled to air travel concessions?

Answer. Yes, following are Air Travel Concessions entitled to Gallantry Awards Winners

(a) Concession. 75% concession in normal economy class INR fair for travel in domestic flights by Indian Airlines.

(b) Entitlement. Recipients of level – I (Param Vir Chakra & Ashok Chakra) and Level II- (Maha Vir Chakra & Kirti Chakra) Gallantry Awards Recipients of Pre Independence Awardees, Level – I (Vir Chakra, George Cross) and Level – II (Distinguished Services Cross, Military Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, George Medal. War Disabled officer of 1962, 1965, 1971 conflicts and OP Vijay. War widows of Indian Armed Forces personnel killed in action.

(c) Authorities.

(i) Indian Airlines Letter No HCD/8-R/260 dt 25 Jan 2001.
(ii) Indian Airlines Letter No HCD/8-R/266 dt 25 Jan 2001.
(iii) Indian Airlines Letter No HCD/8-R/261 dt 25 Jan 2001.


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