Meet Mr. Vishwajeet Singh, alumnus of Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore and co- author of  ” There is never a last time for..” , a novel on life in a Military School and story of every struggling student finding love, success and destiny.

“There is never a last time for..” is published by Diamond books. An easy and entertaining read, the novel is set in the Rashtriya Military School where a batch of young cadets endures the grueling regimen to emerge as Gentlemen.

Without much ado lets get to the Interview.

Gomilitary (GM) : Where did you find  the original impulse to write this novel and why about military school cadets ?

There is never a last time for ..

Vishwajeet Singh ( VS ) :  The novel is completely dedicated to Rashtriya Military Schools as we both are alumni of RMS. The school holds a long history of the bravest men who join defense forces after school through NDA IMA OTA and the schools are laid down for the same purpose. During our stay in school, we penned down many events that inspired, excited and motivated us in the form of regular diary writings.  In addition, after passing out we realized that in such a long and prestigious history of schools, there has been no one who wrote something about it in any form. Therefore, we decided to take the initiative and jotted down this novel fulfilling the thirst of writing and also as an Initiative to reach the minds of youth through the motivation that these institution holds.

GM : How much of it is based on your personal experience ?

VS : As the genre is fiction, obviously, there is an imaginary portion but yes, most of it is a personal experience. The experience that a few men are bestowed with, to sweat and bleed with army instructors and great seniors.


GM : What were the three life lessons that you learned during your training ?

VS : The experience at RMS is huge and beyond comprehension. The first and foremost is that NEVER GIVE UP COME WHAT MAY….. There has been a moment when physical strength was torn, mental flew ashes and emotions out of control, but that is the point when best of the instructors resisted not to give up. They insisted to touch that final point where ordinary folks wouldn’t dare to go , and bravely come back. The long runs and tough physical parades are symbol! The second is UNITY IS INTEGRITY. The true example portrayed ‘one for all and all for one’. One must always work as a team. A single cadet commits a mistake and punishment is shared by all, it showed us the importance of belongingness.

The third experience is that There are always greater worries than the last bothered you and bigger happiness than the last that made you happy.
A new meal in lunch and dinner was enough to be happy for and in that merriness a single mistake awarded with a long run, and at the same time even after losing a match seniors would treat us with sweets!!! A great teaching and experience of entire 7 years, the years that are important to all.!!

GM : Going by your book “There is never a last time for there is a lot of Ragdda in military school tell us about them .

VS : As the old saying goes “you should not follow your elders because they have more experience, but you should follow them because they have more experience of BEING WRONG!! The punishment or ragdda (as it is generally known in the Military Circles) is always regarded as a sign of tradition and learning in RMS. It was necessary to make a cadet physically tough, mentally alert and emotionally calm as he would someday go and contribute in the service of the Nation or defense forces. The concept of seniority is misunderstood by today’s educational Institutions. But in RMS it was a tradition and a divine process that was a right of every junior and duty of every senior. There was never anything in ragdda that humiliated a cadet as we see in public institutions, rallying them naked or asking them to through away their clothes was never a part of seniors’ punishment in more than 60 years of history of military schools.  It was always a true, tough and pure process of making them learn the aspects and necessity required to be an army man! All in all ragdda  is always the most cherished part of all RMS cadets as seniors made It the greatest memory of the highest toughness one can bear. And thereafter nothing in life can de-motivate or scare a Georgian.

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GM : How do you think your book will inspire young men ?

VS : After passing out from RMS and involvement in new world we realized that today’s kids are so much of a pampered baby that they are scared of boarding a bus to school themselves and need help to even go for daily rituals. For all of them we wanted to portray an example that your worst day is best day for somebody, your tasteless meal of home is long cherished want of many and your disrespect for parents and complains is unworthy as there are many who stay away from them and cry to see a glimpse of them. Also the youngsters who give up finding a livelihood should take example from Capt. Rajveer and many such RMS students who learn never to give up as life is all about trying again and again and living the best outcome!!  In this way, depicting all real incidents of failure, misfortune and emptiness the novel will surely puff new zest in all youngsters who give up easily!!

GM : What do you do now beside writing ?

VS : Preparing to be a graduate as it’s the final year of graduation and working out on another book which would prove to be a blessing for us and all who love to live & live to love. We thank The Almighty for fulfilling the dream of being an author even if the basket of our work contains a single book.

GM : What next in life, A sequel to the book?

VS : To be acclaimed authors of young India. Maybe a sequel or something again as inspiring as this one, with strings attached to defense forces and life of all the tough men !!!

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