Though not serving in Army, I have appeared once in PABT and twice in CET exam conducted by Defence Academy. I wish to share my views to the readers to sow education and the sequential life strategy, risk about the armed personnel risking their lives for the welfare of the country .

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any other wonder drug”- Patrica Real

It is utmost and fervently painful that, most schools and colleges conducting the events like Annual day Celebration and other eventful celebration are showing sincere efforts in inviting the actor/actress or important celebrities.

It does not mean to criticize them , but there must be an attempt to invite the armed personnel who put their life at risk for guarding the country . It would be more effective, useful and highly patriotic, if the officers of the Armed forces would be invited as chief guest to give speech among the growing children in schools and colleges.

To the greatest shock, now the youths choosing the armed forces are totally blind about the selection procedures or other criteria to get through armed forces. If officers are invited as chief guest, there starts a wonderful opportunity and ample procedure of sharing their experience and work nature about the nation to tomorrow’s youths which spirits their energy level to step into armed services.

Speech and expressional approach from armed officers has greater impact for promoting positive approach in younger minds. Students think that, getting into armed forces is a herculean task and often try to opt into civil services, engineering field and medical arena. They are unaware of the skills required to clear the defence forces exams and the mode of preparing for the same.

More skilful mind are most often ready to fly abroad for better prospectus, by forgetting their mother country. This situation needs to be changed rapidly, diverting such skilful persons to be retained in armed forces to extent protection to the mother Country, thereby avoiding the increase of brain drain .

Chief of Indian Army Staff General Bipin Rawat
A stream bridge balance should be established to share the views, risks, thought and expressions of the Armed officials into the future minds to ensure promote patriotism , thereby developing high concentration of Army aspirants unlike civil aspirants . Hence those are to be invited as Chief guest to share their valuable lectures , apart from broadcasting special programs in local channels on important holidays .

In the modern era, when the technology stands as a greatest knack of communication , social media can even regularly broadcast the principles and discipline reinforced in the life history of the Armed persons . Damn sure that such lectures and speeches would reduces the gender crimes against the women community.

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