As a civilian if you have fallen for an Army Man, your life is meant to change!!!! Your OK turns into “roger that”! Hidden turns into “covert” and soooo…. on. So here are the Side-effects of Loving a Soldier. Enjoy.

PART 1: Change In The Lexicon Of Your Daily Life..!!!!

You have actually learnt some unusual meanings of the usual words… and here are some of the examples…

  1. RANGE : Its no more the price tag of your favorite brand, its a part of your sweethearts working arena!
  2. SHOOTING : It doesn’t involves any Actors and Actresses, its his regular practices[or, in my words, his “dhichkyaon-dhichkyaon business” 😛
  3. MESS : Its not the one you create in room! it means………….???? [well… i guess… no explanations required here…  ]
  4. EXERCISE : Its no more the daily workout of the Gym, its a serious training which he has to under go on regular intervals!
  5. C.O. : if you remember, when we were in school C.O. meant Carbon Monoxide, but now it stands for…..???? [he told me once… “yaha se pachaas-pachaas kos dur, jab bhi koi YO’s tafri karta hai toh uska senior warning deta hai… beta kaam kar le, nahi toh CO aa jaega! hahahaha.. “]Side effects of being in love with a soldier
  6. P.O.P : nah! its not for Plaster Of Paris! now it stands for…??? [Pass out parade! i guess one of the most memorable days of every fauji’s life]
  7. D.L.T. : now this one is…??? Days Left To…. [DLTPO, DLTGH…… blah… blah… blah…]
  8. YO’s : It’s no more a mere exclamation, it stands for Young Officers[gosh.!!! he is always excited for YO’s courses..!!! 😛
  9. S.M. : Its not the Shared Memory of your phone, its his dream,,, the SENA MEDAL..!!!
  10. C.S.D. : its not some Facebook Shorthand…!!! its the Canteen label which you find on all the chocolate boxes gifted to you by him..!!! Kanjus log…!!! 😛
  11. D.M.S. : He always scolds you when you call, “Fauji Waale Boots” to his uniform boots, he asks you to call them, “DMS Boots.!!!”
  12. B.P.E.T. : Don’t worry! its not the name of any Medical Test! 😉 It stands for “Battle Physical Efficiency Test”.
  13. L.R.P. : Its not a short from for any Campus Abuse… Its something which hurts every Fauji wife and girlfriend when he goes for a Long Range Patrol.
  14. M.H. : Its no more the abbreviation of Maharashtra, printed on vehicle number plates. Now it means the Military Hospital. Visit there, for free service! 😛
  15. MOTOROLA : Its no more a mere Mobile Phone brand for you! its more of his walkie-talkie friend!
  16. BALL : Nah! its not that round spherical sports object! its the Dream Party for all of us! 🙂
  17. MAGAZINE : haha….. If you remember, Magazine were the Books which we used to read for pass-time… Now it stands for…………………????? 😛
  18. SQN : Its not the mathematical Square Root. Its for the Squadron! His home away from home during the Academy Days! 🙂
  19. COMMAND : If you have studied computer programming in school, you know the basic meaning of command. But now it stands for………….???? The zone in which he is posted. 🙂
  20. CHOPPER : hahahaha…. I have a chopper in my kitchen! 😀 But for fauji’s its their Helicopter. The “Sarkaari Shaahi Sawaari”.
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Dear Readers,
At present I can recall only these many…
am sure you must be having some more… Feel free to mention them… it will be added to the next part of the “SIDE-EFFECTS SERIES”… [:))))]

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