PART-2 : “Oh Yeah…!!! I love a Soldier…!!!!”

Loving a soldier is not just a feeling, it becomes a “way of life..!!!” because Fauji’s are ordinary men with some really extra-ordinary habits.

In a course to get acquainted to such habits you get to learn many new things and habits…Here are some such examples…

Side effects of loving a soldier

  1. When your friends cry for their boyfriends when they are away, you actually feel irritated… because for you separation of months is obvious. 🙁
  2. He is the most pathetically talented person, you have ever met..!!! I mean from BUNKERS to BALLROOM he is good at everything..!! lol.. 😛
  3. You often hold his hands while walking in a mall or such place. Not out of love but because you are scared he might get lost in a place like that..!!! 😉
  4. Everytime your sweetheart gets a new posting, you almost run for an atlas to understand where the hell is he exactly going..??? [i really don’t understand from where do these fauji’s find such unearthly places to get posted… lol.. 😛
  5. For you now, going to pune is going to Khadakwasla or Kirkee, going to Indore means reaching Mhow… and so on… :
  6. There are times when you actually need to settle for the fact, that he loves his ROYAL ENFIELD and UNIFORM more than you..!!!
  7. Whenever you are invited for a couple entry party. Your heart aches because he is never there to accompany you..!!! 🙁
  8. When your girl friends gossip how fierce riders their boyfriends are, you actually start wondering… “Mera wala toh tank chalata hai..!!!” B)
  9. Your neend(sleep) is always “HARAAM”(forbidden or disturbed) because he calls you at the most unexpected hours…!!! 😛
  10. You have also got into habit of telling distance in meters instead of kilometers or time[5 min. ka rasta hai.. types] because he does that..!!! [You know i go jogging for 10 rounds, 500m each every morning.. B)
  11. At times you actually envy his unit friends and their families because they get to spend more time with him than you. 😛
  12. He has knowledge about food and taste of almost every state. Actually he has a ability to eat anything and everything, I mean saap, bicchoo, kekda… [lol.. hard to believe but yes its true… ]
  13. You never have to advice him what to wear when, because most of his parties come with a dress-code…. B)
  14. No matter you buy him a Versace, Gucci, Armani or any top notch brand. He will always look the best in his “Olive Green” 😀
  15. You don’t demand for any pearls or diamonds, his presence on your birthday is good enough to put you on Cloud-9. 🙂
  16. Songs like “aoge jab tum o saajna…”, “piya basanti re…” and “ye dooriyaan…” make you super-senti… 😛
  17. Everytime your phone rings, you hope its his call… :/
  18. On a Date you never have to wait like other girls, because your soldier is always super-punctual and is there on time…!!! 🙂
  19. Now you know things like “Clock-ray method”, “Contours”, “Endurance run”, “ragda” and sooo… on… These are the things which other people don’t understand… 😛
  20. Every morning you wake up with thousand complains, but at night you sleep peacefully thinking “tedha hai… par mera hai…!!!” 😀 🙂 

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