Spatial ability test for AFCAT – Rotated blocks, Hidden Figures

Spatial reasoning, or ability as it is sometimes called, involves the candidate Visualizing and then manipulating different complex shapes and patterns. Spatial ability questions are concerned with your ability to mentally manipulate shapes ,  to rapidly and accurately rotate a two- or three dimensional figure. These type of Spatial ability questions are generally asked in the exam.

  1. Rotated blocks – This test is designed to test your ability to visualize and manipulate objects in space.
  2. Hidden Figures – The hidden figures test is designed to perceive simple figures in complex drawings. It is a test of your ability to recognize a form from its pattern, or a pattern from its form.
  3. Dot Situation –  In this , the candidate has to Select the figure which satisfies the same conditions of placement of the dots as in the Question Figure.
  4. Completion of Figure Matrix – Usually a 3×3 Matrix is given with one block ( generally the last one ) is missing. The Candidate has to find one of the options that will complete the matrix and mark their answer.

Tips for scoring high in Spatial tests :

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. – It is believed that people are born with spatial awareness skills but targeted practice can greatly improve this skill.
  2. Think Logically – If you don’t arrive at the answers by solving, you may consider using a process of elimination. You may check one option at a time and see if it fits the solution , in this way finding the Right Answer.
  3. Don’t panic – Even if you don’t get the answers, don’t panic there are a lot of other candidates who are feeling the same way as they do. AFCAT Paper usually consists of 20 Questions on Spatial ability and Reasoning out of which 12-15 questions can be easily done if you have practiced them at your home. It’s necessary that you do all the questions on Spatial Ability, you can get a decent score if you perform equally good in other secitons viz. General Awareness, Verbal ability in English and Numerical ability. Remember 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer, so you should aim for accuracy and prohibit yourself from wild guessing
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Spatial ability test Practice Questions :

One of the objects is different from the other three. Find out the one which is different in Shape. [ Questions  1 t0 4 ]


spatial-reasoning - a

Answer = A


spatial-ability-test-questions - d

Answer = D


spatial-ability-test-for-afcat - C

Answer = C


spatial-ability-questions-for-afcat- c

Answer = C

Which Pattern Can be folded to make the cube shown ? [ Questions 5 to 8 ]


Spatial ability test for AFCAT 14 - b

Answer = B


Spatial ability test for AFCAT 13 -a

Answer = A


Spatial ability test for AFCAT 12 - b

Answer = B


Spatial ability test for AFCAT 11 - a

Answer = A


Spatial ability test for AFCAT 10

Answer = D: at each stage the dot with the circle moves one side anti-clockwise. The other dot moves two corners clockwise and alternates white/black.

10. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 1

Answer = C

11. Spatial ability test for AFCAT

Answer = E: looking across, the long line is moving 45° clockwise at each stage and the small line 45° anti-clockwise. Looking down, the reverse is happening

12. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 3

Answer = C

13. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 4

Answer = D

14. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 5

Answer = A

15. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 6

Answer = E: looking across and down, any lines that appear in the same position twice in the first two squares are cancelled out in the final square.

16. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 7

Answer = B

17. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 8

Answer = A

18. Spatial ability test for AFCAT 9

Answer = D 

Spatial ability Book for Download :

Download our 65 Page Ebook containing Spatial ability questions for afcat exam in pdf format. The book contains Spatial Ability test questions with answers and complete solutions.

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