Location: Jaisalmer
It was a beautiful morning and the sky was clear. Could see how the clouds have started brightening and floating like the cottons. It was a good sign for the fighter pilots. Huhuuu… I jumped in joy in my mind as it was severely a bad weather since last 3-4 days. But a very desirable phone call stopped my popping and locking.

“Hey Girlfriend. Good morning.”
“Aahan Boyfriend is happy today.”
“Yo babes. Going for sortie finally after two days break.”
“Yeah. Yeah. That I already understood that would be something related to your flying only.”
“Awwww my Girlfriend.”
“But here Girlfriend is sad. She’s missing you. Come land on my courtyard.”

After a pause…..
“Hey really? What if I really come to your place right now? I mean after 4-5 hours..”
“I will belief Supermen do exist.”

“Wait then. See you sharp at 1417hrs.”

So soon the fighter pilot cum Romeo got ready in Overall to meet his Juliet. But hardly had I the courage to tell my plans to ATC that my destination is Gwalior and not Pathankot. Well anyway happiness surpassed all and I like the expert thief sat in the cockpit without anyone’s knowledge about what was going on in my mind. I remembered what my dad used to say, “Sky is the limit, my son.” But wanted to show him that no. It’s not. But realized even the most powerful plane on earth cannot reach him since he is lost somewhere amidst the stars. A layer of grief covered me.

But soon realized that the happiness of flying cannot be overlapped by anything in the world. I think that’s what every pilots feel too and can ever deny. I was landed in the height of the sky and the dance of my plane started; it flew with the wave and found myself floating along the white cottons soon. Sometimes up and then low, rolling and lost in midst of blue. An immense joy of meeting my girl popped up again. And except the joystick I was in control of none.

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It was almost 1345hrs when I finally landed my legs in front of my girl, waiting for me eagerly. Once again I felt as if I am in cloud nine. And wondered how this lady manages to makes me fall for her again and again. Ruhi hugged me and in return I placed a kiss on her head. But what I hated always is meetings are always temporary though all those meetings always made a mark on my mind. I wanted that moment to stop forever but knew, its not possible. And every time I leave her, the more I miss her pair of eyes who crave for me all the time. Well, I was lost in my dreamland with Ruhi when as usual like Kabab me Haddi my mate Samrat called me up.

“Saale batake nahi ja sakta ki tu jata kahan hain?”
“Batata toh aa thore hi pata?”
“AOC besabri se intazar kar raha hain yahan tera bête.”
“Let him be buddy. Besabri ka phal toh yahan mere saamne beithi hain.” We all three laughed.

So finally the meeting got over. Life is short. I thought in my mind.
The weather started to make a frowning face again. And I had to reach back my base asap, I ordered my senses. Thinking about my AOC it started another storm inside my mind and all my happiness faded away. Till I reached back I was still intoxicated under the AOC’s probable reactions.

“Boss hain, room mei? I asked the personnel outside his den. Answer came in affirmative.

“Good Lord. Save my a**s today.” A prayer came out of mind unknowingly.

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But instead he welcomed me with his regular sarcastic tone and of course with his superhit slangs. (How can he miss that?) I could sense and predicted my own future to myself…….

“Kripaya dhyan de. Aap k gantabya sthan ki hawa ki rafter kuch hi samay mei tez hone wali hain. Aapke dono taraf koi khirki nahi jahan se aap kud sakey.” Darr k maare I lost my laugh and then it all started.

AOC: Officer………………………. You know you are a b*****d.
Me: Yes sir !

AOC: What the hell you think you were doing?
Me: I had a sortie sir.

AOC: You a*****e. Can’t you see the weather? No one is permitted to fly in rough weather.

Me: Sir, what about in times of war then?

AOC: Do you think the neighbour country will fly in such weather condition?

Me: But still I’ll fly Sir. Why do you think we are called the guardian of the sky, Sir?

AOC was silent then. May be this was an unexpected answer since it made him pause and he stared at me for few minutes. And finally said, “I’ll see you. Next time… I am saying next time this happens I won’t leave you. We gotta save best soldiers for war. Got it?”

“Yes Sir !”
I said and came out of the Lion’s cave, Alive…. !

Author: Dishi Bora


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