The US has approved the Indian Army USD 75 million high-tech protective clothing which will give resistance to biological and chemical weapons in warfare.

Indian army made more upgraded with use of specialized clothing materials, masks and gloves

Special masks, gloves, and equipment worth 75 million are approved by the US to Indian Army

This new technology suit, known as Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) consists of 38,034: suits, pair of gloves, pair of boot, and pair of trousers with NBC bags; 854 aprons; 854 alternative aprons; 9,509 Quick Doff Hoods; and 114,102 M61 filters. 38,034 general purpose masks are also a part of the package.

Keeping its army’s modernization the US, India made a special request for these clothing. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress on 10th May after the State Department made a determination.

In its notification, DSCA said this deal will contribute to foreign policy and national security of the US; it will help to improve the security of a friendly country and this help to contribute to the political stability and economic progress in South Asia.

The Indian Government said it intends to use these articles to further strengthen the armed forces. Also, this will contribute to the Indian military’s goal to update its capability as well as improve its relation with US.

The DSCA also said that this sale of equipment will not alter the basic military balance in the region.