She cried and cried and cried but there was no one to rescue her. She didn’t know where were her parents and where her little brother go.. Four days back she was taken to the relief camp but it was filled with uncountable people. Young, old, men. women, child and many more. She didn’t like the environment. Babyjen, the old neighbourhood lady took her in her arms and shed her tears….. Mariyam didn’t understand anything. But could feel that suddenly something has changed.. may be a big bomb blasted which broke their and everyone’s houses…. The field is also destroyed where she used to play with her brothers friend Sajia.. But now it can be seen that even Babyjen doesn’t want to take care of her now.

She came out of the camp and wandered on the street. Her terror filled eyes looked for familiar faces. People who know her and who can play with her. Mariyam was tired and she sat on a big stone. She was more hungry of love than food and missed her mother terribly.War God

The soldiers started passing then. And she remembered what once her father told her once that soldiers are another form of God, who keep on protecting us everyday because God himself can’t come down to earth and stay with us. And this worked as a spark. She jumped up from that place and ran towards the marching soldiers.

Holding the hand of a calm faced soldier Mariyam asked, “Is your name God?”

Soldier: “No child.”

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Mariyam: You are lying. My father said you are God.

Soldier: (Puzzled) Ok ok m sorry. Tell me what you wanted to say.

Mariyam: I know you have hid my parents and little Seikh in your house. Right? Please send them to me again or take me to your house. She pleaded him.

The soldier understood something and felt sad thinking that may be she has lost her family members during the war and blast. Though he is a soldier, though in his service time he has seen many people dying but more than that somehow the innocent face and question of the child disturbed him. He felt a pain in his heart. He wondered whether to be happy because they have won the war or to be sad that his countrymen including himself lost their dear ones, land and houses.

He took Mariyam’s hand in his and asked her to guide him to her camp and with the promise of taking her to his house when she will grow up he came out.

And while walking down the street the question of Mariyam haunted him again and again and made him unconscious of the surrounding world. He thought and asked to himself, “Why are we compared to God when we can’t save our own people in distress? Why these war break out? Can we not live peacefully? And now what should I do? How can I bring back her parents? Should I be happy that we won the battle or be sad because now we don’t have our dear ones to celebrate the joy of winning.

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